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Comprehensive Prefab Home Solutions for Modern Developers and Builders

Welcome to MMS Smarthouse! With over a decade of expertise in innovative prefab home solutions, we’re revolutionizing the way homes are built. Leveraging the strength of metal frames and the efficiency of off-site construction, we offer durable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly housing options. Whether you’re a developer, builder, or individual homeowner, discover how we can help you build the future of housing. Join us on this journey towards a smarter, sustainable living.

Building Type

     – Cabins

     – Bungalows

     – Foldables

     – Container Homes

     – Hotel / Motel

     – Villas

     – Prefab Homes

     – Tiny homes

     – Town Homes

     – Light Weight Steel

Products & Accessories

Container Homes

Hotel / Motel


Prefab Homes

Tiny homes

Town Homes

Light Weight Steel




Roof Trusses


Wall Framing

Floor Joists


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About Us

About Our Company

MMS Smarthouse is an end-to-end building solutions provider. As a full-service partner for developers and architects, we can provide everything you need to deliver the highest quality building projects based on our MMC (Modern Methods of…..

Our Vision

MMS SMARTHOUSE is a comprehensive provider of prefab home solutions, offering a range of options for developers, builders, architects, and private buyers. They use metal frame construction, which can provide a durable and cost-effective solution for building homes.

Prefab homes are a type of housing that is built offsite in a factory and then assembled on location. They offer a number of benefits, including faster construction times, lower costs, and increased energy efficiency compared to traditional site-built homes. Metal frame prefab homes, in particular, are known for their durability and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them a good choice for a wide range of locations and climates.