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Pre-fabricated wall, floor joist and roof truss framing using light gauge steel materials: the forward thinking alternative to timber construction.

Using light gauge steel lowers building dead loads and provides a straight, true and accurate framing system.

Framing is fabricated in our  Ningbo,China based factory and delivered direct to site with 3D models and layout plans for easy and fast on site installation by the builder or MMS  recommended installers. Our framing systems are ideal for low to mid rise projects including apartments, townhouses, units, aged care, nursing homes and schools.



    Light steel frame and metal frame are two different types of framing used in construction. Light steel frame is made of cold-formed steel and is flexible, powerful, and durable. It is gaining popularity as an alternative to lumber framing.Light steel frame is used for roof panels, floor systems, and entire buildings, and its supports can be made of aluminum.On the other hand, metal framing is cold-formed to create long, thin sheets shaped through rollers into guided C or Z patterns capable of holding heavy loads. Metal framing is commonly used in construction and has its benefits and drawbacks

    Structural steel is another type of framing that is different from light steel frame. Structural steel is used for high rises subject to high winds and possible earthquakes due to its ductile feature.

    A light steel frame system is a type of construction system that uses lightweight steel members to form the structural frame of a building. This system is typically used in the construction of low-rise buildings, such as residential homes, apartments, and townhouses, although it can also be used in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings.

    In a light steel frame system, the structural frame of the building is typically made up of a series of steel beams, columns, and other structural elements that are connected together using bolts, screws, or other fasteners. The steel members are typically made from cold-formed steel, which is a lightweight and strong material that can be easily shaped and fabricated into a variety of different structural shapes and sizes.

    One of the main advantages of using a light steel frame system is that it is relatively fast and easy to assemble on site, as the steel members are prefabricated in a factory and can be quickly assembled using bolts or screws. This can reduce construction time and costs compared to traditional construction methods. Light steel frame systems are also highly flexible and can be easily modified or adapted to meet the changing needs of a building over time.


  • Straight and true framing

  • Long-span capabilities

  • 3D virtual modelling

  • CNC manufactured components

  • Easy installation on site

  • No straightening of walls

  • Lower labour costs

  • Designed to suit the application

  • Designed to suit the contractor

  • Rust, termite & rot resistan

  • Lightweight construction

  • Reduced floor loads

  • Fast manufacturing

  • Structural steel reduction

  • Weather resistant


There are several reasons why you might consider purchasing a light steel frame from MMS China:

  1. Cost: China is known for producing high-quality goods at competitive prices, and this includes light steel frames. Purchasing a light steel frame from China may allow you to take advantage of lower labor and production costs, which can result in lower overall costs for your project.

  2. Quality: Many Chinese manufacturers have invested heavily in research and development and have developed advanced manufacturing processes and equipment to produce high-quality light steel frames. As a result, you may be able to find light steel frames from China that meet or exceed the quality standards of other countries.

  3. Innovation: China is home to many innovative manufacturers that are constantly seeking new ways to improve their products and processes. This can result in a wide range of advanced and innovative light steel frame products being available in China.

  4. Access to a wide range of products: China has a large and diverse manufacturing industry, and this includes a wide range of light steel frame products. Purchasing from China may allow you to access a larger range of products and options than you might be able to find elsewhere.

Light steel frame construction and wood frame construction are two commonly used framing options. Light steel frame construction is an innovative and reliable construction method that has surpassed wood frame construction in many design and construction aspects. Light steel frame construction is similar to wood frame construction in principle, but it produces less waste, which is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than wood alternatives. Light steel frame construction is also lightweight, strong, and flexible, which makes it easy to handle and design. On the other hand, wood frame construction is light and speeds construction with no heavy tools or equipment. Wood frame construction is also less expensive than metal frame construction. However, wood frame construction is prone to weather damage, moisture, and fire, while metal frame construction is weather-proof, moisture and fire-resistant, and stronger than wood frame construction.



Light steel frame construction has several advantages over metal frame construction. Light steel frame is non-combustible, which is a code requirement for some types of structures. It is also strong, flexible, and durable, making it easy to build and design. Light steel frame is light in weight, which makes it easy to transport and store outdoors because of its resistance to all types of weather. Light steel frame also produces less waste, which is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than metal frame construction. On the other hand, metal frame construction can create condensation, which may lead to drywall damage